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10 rules of successful sales. – Administrative Personal Assistant TOPVA

Rule 1.

Never start with the greeting phrase “What do you suggest ….” Or “What are you interested …” because people in recent years, this phrase developed immunity and the obvious answer would be: “Thank you, I see myself ….” or “If you need help, I will return to you.” As a result, we initially lose the opportunity to influence the selection process, the first phase of the initiative will be missed.

Rule 2.

Remember that the client does not come to us to buy, and we communicate with the client, to sell. Continuing sales initiative must come from you. Seller – you, and success depends on eighty percent of you.

Rule 3.

Do not try to argue with the customer and impose their views. Not all think alike and the scale of priorities, the buyer values may not coincide with your views. Therefore, always reveal the true needs of the client, and only on the basis of them, form a proposal for a specific client.

Rule 4.

Before the presentation, try to arrange as much as possible to the customer himself, because if the buyer will sympathize with you, the likelihood of successful completion of the sale will be much more.

Rule 5.

During communication with the customer, constantly show interest in the conversation, to actively use the techniques of active listening. The buyer should feel that its problems and doubts you care.

Rule 6.

If the customer has decided to buy your product, always offer him related products or accessories, such as household appliances they may be napkins to wipe the dust, to mobile phones – the memory card or cover for car alarms offer or a tape recorder. Thus, you increase the amount of sales, and hence the efficiency of sales.

Rule 7.

Always leave your contacts to customers and take their contact information to inform them of the new shares and the proceeds of the goods. And leaving their contact to the buyer, it is likely that it will become for you a regular customer, and this entails an increase in the customer base.

Rule 8.

In addition to attracting new customers and actively work with the existing customer base, it also can bring good profits.

Rule 9.

Do not be afraid to customer objections. Many managers make the mistake of Sales, regarding customer dissatisfaction and doubts as a barrier for sale, forgetting the simple truth: the presence of the customer objections, tells us that the buyer interested in our product!

Rule 10.

Even with high performance and excellent efficiency in sales, never stop there! Set a new goal, and strive to sell more and better.

author: admin
TopVA has grown significantly within a decade. TopVA is the leading Virtual Assistant Provider, home to hundreds of top rate virtual assistant india. TOPVA has also evolved into a BPO, and event management offering specialized support service offerings under admin, knowledge and technical portfolio. TopVA understands their customer’s unique needs and has crafted specialized services for large enterprises as well as for small business. Red More

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