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Ways to Motivate Staff - TopVA

Ways to Motivate Staff – TopVA Outsourcing

1. Praise your employees. Praise is an important condition for the loyalty of employees to management and the whole company. The bosses will not have any trouble telling the employee “thank you” for the work done. For example, thanks to the secretary for the competent schedule of meetings. Simply enough to say “thank you” that in future the secretary was interested in coping with his functions even more effectively.

2. Contact an employee by name. In small companies, managers know their employees by name. But with a constant increase in the number of employees, there can be certain difficulties with remembering the names of all employees. Employees work in his company for 15-20 years – and experience confirms that nothing sounds more pleasing to a person than his own name.

3. Provision of additional rest. Many managers can confirm how important it is for employees to have additional rest in the form of compensatory time off, the opportunity to come later or leave work early. Such privileges are not always offered and not for everyone – you need to deserve such a right.

4. Presentation of memorable gifts. Widespread motivation of personnel (especially for employees of manufacturing enterprises). Employees are given charters, cups and other symbolic awards. The General Director of the company “TOP PERSONAL VIRTUAL ASSISTANT”,  has learned from his experience how effective this approach can be.

5. Prospects for career growth. Quite effective staff motivation, as the workers themselves say. After all, the prospects of career growth can inspire and motivate to achieve excellent results in the work, contributing to the success of the company. The employee understands that he has a chance to achieve new positions and prospects in the company due to his efforts.

6. Clear objectives and evaluation criteria.

7. Opportunity to express your opinion and be heard. In the company’s work many managers prefer to involve their companies and ordinary employees in solving global problems. It is important for the employee to feel the importance of his contribution to the overall development of the company.

8. Personal contact with the head of the company. Important importance is given to personal contact with employees, with whom management is not obliged to meet on their status. Many well-known businessmen, successful businessmen resort to this approach. For example, the legend of world business Richard Branson decides to respond to the letters of his employees personally.

9. Free lunch. Some companies organize free meals once a week. This motivation of the personnel was mainly disseminated in the work of IT companies.

10. Honor board. Motivation of staff involves recognizing the results and achievements of the employee for a certain period. In particular, McDonald’s is known for his stands “The Best Worker of the Month”, and the “100% Fitness Center” network names the best employees in the internal radio. In addition, the best worker is trying to maintain his leadership, while others will strive to impose competition and surpass the winner.

11. Ability to work at home. Only a quarter of managers and entrepreneurs in our country provide employees with the flexibility to work flexibly or remotely. But experience tells us that employees working at home have an increase in labor productivity by 15%. Although representatives of all positions and specialties may not work at home.


12. Honorary title of the employee’s position. A fairly common way of motivating staff.

13. Corporate gatherings. 10% of managers in our country periodically collect their own team for various holidays in bowling, bar, etc. Many employees like this approach with informal evenings. There are excellent opportunities for joint leisure in a relaxed atmosphere, and just a great chance to relax, gain strength before future work success.

14. Public gratitude.

15. Discounts for services. Quite effective motivation of the personnel in different organizations is corporate discounts for employees on different goods and services of their company. Employees positively perceive their savings, loyalty to the company increases. If the company specializes in several areas in its work, then without providing such corporate discounts simply can not do.

16. Granting of prizes. All employees at the end of the year count on receiving various gifts, bonuses and bonuses from the employer. They can be given out for achievement of the set goals and plans – providing motivation for employees.

17. Motivational board. Few leaders are familiar with this term, we’ll talk more about it. In fact, the motivational board is a standard marker board, which is a clear dynamic indicator of the sales level for the current date for each department or manager, and also reflects the personal contribution of the employee to the common cause.

18. Payment for staff training. To achieve professionalism in any work, it is important for the employee to strive for improvement in his specialty. After all, enthusiastic in his training, an employee will be able to achieve career growth and skill development, with the development of additional skills. Therefore, learning and knowledge can become an important motivating factor. For such motivation there can be different ways.

19. Payment for a fitness club ticket. Quite effective motivation is to pay for hobbies and hobbies of employees.

20. Control as a method of motivating staff. Many managers are convinced of the need to control employees. Control really allows you to motivate employees. The main idea is to provide employees with the opportunity to make independent decisions on all issues for which centralized control is not required. Allow employees to change any aspects of their work environment themselves, if they do not lead to a threat to the image and security of the company.

21. Salary. Salary is one of the main ways to motivate employees. Therefore, if you can not initially provide a sufficient salary for an employee, the remaining methods will be ineffective and collateral. The comfortable salary level for different employees varies. It is important to understand and what level of wages will be permanent, and which is flexible.

22. Bank of ideas. You should be interested in the opinions and thoughts of your employees.

23. Employee participation in profits / options.

24. Payment for travel and mobile communication.

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