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Cost of full time employees increasing, hiring a virtual assistant (VA) makes great business sense. Assign your Internet based tasks to our virtual assistant and get access to the information that you are looking for, almost instantaneously. You do not have to monitor what your assistant is doing. Instead, you can utilize your time in doing more productive tasks. While you are focusing on the core areas of your business, you might feel the need for an assistant who could do the relevant groundwork by doing a thorough Internet research. However, employing someone solely for Internet research can be quite expensive, considering the fact that you will have to provide a computer, office space, Internet connectivity. Company of all sizes, need to do Internet research for a variety of reasons, such as gaining competitive intelligence, finding new markets for their products and services, finding statistics to devise marketing plans, etc. As Internet research takes time and effort, successful organizations hire virtual research assistants. A virtual research assistant is a remote worker who conducts Internet research as per their clients’ needs and sends the data to their clients after compilation. All company, entrepreneurs and startup want to hire Virtual Assistant, who works from different location without eating up there office area and employees law and salary.

Why to Hire?

  • Can save your valuable time doing research or collecting information.
  • Our assistant can provide reliable and timely information within a hours or days, depending on the requirements. You will experience huge savings in costs.
  • Our highly trained virtual assistant is quick and is used to multitasking.
  • VA you hire would have the ability to organize the information gathered from the Internet, making it easy for you to comprehend the information.
  • You will save costs and time as you would not have to spend on recruiting an in-house employee for Internet research.
  • Our trained virtual assistant is capable of multitasking and can research the Internet for information on various topics at the same time


Who can Hire?
Everyone who is on tight schedule –

  • Individuals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • All Sizes Business
  • Startup
  • Profit and Non-profit agencies


Undertake –

  • Updating online databases.
  • Checking flight schedules and booking flights online.
  • Identifying business hotels on the Internet.
  • Checking online networking websites for business opportunities.
  • Finding information on the latest technology.


Any other task for which you need to do research on the Internet.Our skilled virtual assistants are trained in browsing the Internet and sourcing information.

Internet Research virtual assistant

Internet Research Virtual Assistant at TOP VA Outsourcing
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