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How to make your Business/Company successful – TOPVA Outsourcing

How to make your Business/Company successful – TOPVA Outsourcing

You spend a lot of money and work hard to make your business a success. You try different methods and tools: set up contextual and targeted advertising, engage in SEO, call customers, prepare content, make posts in social networks. But the result is either small or not. You are confused, tired, your hands are falling.

Take a break and read this article. We’ll tell you what you might be doing wrong, and how to fix it.

Part 1. Types of planning
To achieve business goals, there are three types of planning: long-term, medium-term, short-term. You can hire a Virtual Assistant to make success.


Short-term planning is business plans for up to 1 year. Short-term plans are the most common, detailed and consider the near future. These include plans for sales, production, finance.


Medium-term planning is plans for up to 3-5 years. In the medium-term plans, the details are less than in the short-term, but more than in the long-term. Usually such plans include changes in the organization and structure of the company, research, new developments.


Long-term (strategic) planning – plans for up to 5-10 years. These are plans to scale, enter new markets, change the company’s image and model relationships with customers and employees. Long-term planning includes the company’s strategy – determining the direction of business development, target audience, company mission, positioning and UTS.


Ideally, each company should have both short-term, medium-term, and long-term plans.


Part 2. What is wrong?
If you work a lot, but do not move, then, perhaps, think only of short-term plans.


This is so, if you:

– plan your actions for up to a year,

– do not think about long-term prospects (5-10 years ahead),

– do not know the purpose and strategy of your company,

– do not know the target audience, positioning, USP.


Do you think long-term planning and strategy are for world market leaders?
And while you’re not Google, it’s not necessary. In fact, long-term planning and knowledge of your strategy are necessary even for small businesses. The remaining plans are based on the strategy. Therefore, when you neglect the strategy, the effectiveness of actions decreases and chaos begins. On these rakes come not only beginners of business, but also people with marketing education.


Part 3. Causes of error


When you focus on short-term plans, you are trying to solve problems that are troubling right now. And grab for different ways. They give the company the result, but without a lasting effect and a jump to a new level of development.


Four reasons why you focus on short-term plans:

  1. little entrepreneurial experience;
  2. a lot of information: it is difficult to navigate among the available abundance of business tools, techniques, experts;
  3. want quick results;
  4. There is an illusion that you need to act urgently, because the world is changing rapidly.


Modern business should be flexible and adapt to the changing world. But competent adjustment is done within the framework of short-term or medium-term planning, and not within the framework of the strategy.


The strategy, as a foundation, remains unchanged for a long time. Target audience, for example, does not change for a year or two. If the site focuses on older users, it is unlikely that in a couple of years the company will decide to adjust to adolescents. It is unlikely that the mission and values ​​of the company will change. If the value of your company is health, and you sell eco-products, you are unlikely to reorient yourself to synthetic products.


Part 4. Strategy of your business


From the ancient Greek language, “strategy” is translated as “the art of a commander”. This is the science of warfare and the planning of military operations. The general’s goal in the war is to win it at the expense of available resources.


The strategy in business is how you will achieve the goal in business. In order not to squander, but to allocate resources correctly, you need to know:

Unique selling proposition,

A portrait of the target audience,

The needs of the target audience,


Channels of promotion,

Mission of the company.

All the companies that you see today are successful in the market, achieved this due to the fact that they had a strategy. They clearly knew their USP, target audience, positioning, channels of promotion. A company that does not know this, turns into a ship sailing across the ocean without a map, navigator and compass.

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