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Test your VA before you hire - TopVA Outsourcing

Test your VA before you hire – TOP VA outsourcing Pvt. Ltd.

Picking the wrong Virtual Assistant is a costly and time-consuming mistake that many companies cannot afford to make. Even if a new hire seems perfect on mail or even on their calls, when it comes to hiring, there are lots of things that can go unexpectedly wrong. Evaluating Virtual Assistant and trying before hiring allows you to save precious time, increases productivity and lowers the costs associated with the recruiting and hiring process. Because you have evaluated your candidate before hiring them, you will have higher retention and lower turnover rates. With this process, bad hires will be a thing of the past.

According to the us, by employing only the candidates that have proven themselves to you, “You won’t have to spend time and money recruiting, hiring, and training new people every few hours if you make sure your new hires are skilled and fit within your work the first time around.” TOP VA Outsourcing provides free 1 Hours trail for the company and small business holder. Post your project or mail your project to info@toppersonalvirtualassistant.com and get free trail for 1 hour, your account will be activated within 3 hours.

Why to hire VA at Top Personal Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant are employees working for an employer without physically hard on him. This type of contract is very beneficial to hire internally. No additional costs absorbed by virtual assistant to save the employer of any infrastructure, no food, and extra expenses, etc. It is definitely a way to save time and money to work where people work together to coordinate so Effective Internet and do not waste time on the staff and office expansive.

Test your VA before you hire - TopVA Outsourcing

Test your VA before you hire – TopVA Outsourcing

Virtual assistant is very beneficial to employers and workers because there is a time and cost savings compared with personal savings. But the fact is that even if there is a time and reduces technical costs, which means that the virtual assistant works effectively or is guaranteed to work on time. Moreover, there is no guarantee that an employee works for you and not another person, if any. Besides this there are many other issues that have to hire a VA for the first time ordinary can be. Provides, for all these applications, there are many things that need to be supported, in order not to make the adjustment a lot of loss of Virtual Assistant, rather than higher profits. We provide best VA according to your needs, our VA are highly qualified with huge experience. TOP VA are best for startup. You can hire VA for 24/7 at TOP VA outsourcing Pvt. Ltd.

Hire best virtual assistant and pay according to used hours based.


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TopVA has grown significantly within a decade. TopVA is the leading Virtual Assistant Provider, home to hundreds of top rate virtual assistant india. TOPVA has also evolved into a BPO, and event management offering specialized support service offerings under admin, knowledge and technical portfolio. TopVA understands their customer’s unique needs and has crafted specialized services for large enterprises as well as for small business. Red More

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