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Guerilla Marketing - TopVA Outsourcing

Guerrilla Marketing

About guerrilla marketing We have never talked about guerrilla marketing. I think it’s time to correct the misunderstanding and tell you about this method of promotion. Partisan called low-budget advertising methods (everyone loves so much, right?). In offline, for example, it can be cooperation with some businesses that do not compete with you. I liked

Ways to Motivate Staff - TopVA

Ways to Motivate Staff – TopVA Outsourcing

1. Praise your employees. Praise is an important condition for the loyalty of employees to management and the whole company. The bosses will not have any trouble telling the employee “thank you” for the work done. For example, thanks to the secretary for the competent schedule of meetings. Simply enough to say “thank you” that

5 Legal Advice for Beginning Entrepreneurs

5 Legal Advice for Beginning Entrepreneurs

5 legal advice for beginning entrepreneurs More often than not, business owners are faced with the need to protect copyright and intellectual property, with difficulties in processing documents and conducting business activities. Consider how you can find solutions to the main problems. 1. The problem of intellectual property protection A good startup implies a unique

Test your VA before you hire - TopVA Outsourcing

Test your VA before you hire – TOP VA outsourcing Pvt. Ltd.

Picking the wrong Virtual Assistant is a costly and time-consuming mistake that many companies cannot afford to make. Even if a new hire seems perfect on mail or even on their calls, when it comes to hiring, there are lots of things that can go unexpectedly wrong. Evaluating Virtual Assistant and trying before hiring allows

How to make your Business/Company successful – TOPVA Outsourcing

How to make your Business/Company successful – TOPVA Outsourcing

You spend a lot of money and work hard to make your business a success. You try different methods and tools: set up contextual and targeted advertising, engage in SEO, call customers, prepare content, make posts in social networks. But the result is either small or not. You are confused, tired, your hands are falling.

Hire Your Dedicated Personal and Business Virtual Assistant

Hire Your Dedicated Personal and Business Virtual Assistant at TOP Personal Virtual Assistant

We would like to introduce our company Top Personal Virtual Assistant ( TOP VA Outsourcing). We are Virtual Assistant service provider. When you want the best service at the right price, TOP VA is here to help! Find the Personal Assistant Solution You Need Our diverse array of options makes it easy to select the

Successful and unsuccessful entrepreneur. What is the difference? – TOPVA Outsourcing

1) Successful businessman thinking capabilities, and a loser – problems. Productive businessman with a huge inspiration talk about his business, about business development. They are everywhere and always see tremendous opportunities for business development. But poorly performing mainly talk about problems. They dwell on problems, leaving no chance to develop your business. 2) Successful entrepreneur

10 rules of successful sales. – Administrative Personal Assistant TOPVA

Rule 1. Never start with the greeting phrase “What do you suggest ….” Or “What are you interested …” because people in recent years, this phrase developed immunity and the obvious answer would be: “Thank you, I see myself ….” or “If you need help, I will return to you.” As a result, we initially

Grow your Business with TopVA

Grow your Business with TopVA

Now a days everyone want to grow their business but many of them didn’t have that much space for work and staff, for this problem there is simple solution Hire Virtual Assistant. So there is easy step to increase or grow your staff without increasing office space or hiring a staff for monthly base salary,

How to live simply? Learning to be easier – TopVA

Probably everyone at least once in their life experienced a feeling of complete hopelessness, a state of despair, dejection, meaninglessness of existence. At such moments, usually once themselves lose heart, do not want to do and do not want to go. Familiar? Such thoughts go to each one of us at some point in life.

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